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Post  Tom's Hardware on Thu 10 Aug 2017, 22:07

-the new update will include SuperVIP status.
it will also include 5 modes , 2 modes can be started by admins, 3 modes can be bought by players using Points.

-Super VIP will have 
1- Glow , you can set it with menu
2- green chat [auto]
3- Free Armor [500]
4- 1 free Gas Mask per map [Anti Infection Bomb]
5- 1 cure item "will make your death to 0" (25 Point)
Rest of update
- Ammopacks limit will be extended to 25k
- 3 new modes will be added to Admin menu [SVA,Night Hunt,Destiny]
- 3 new modes which be bought using Points
-Modes will have lower chance to start , so infection will start mostly.
1- Hell Rider , this class throws kill bomb which kill humans, the class is half invisible, it's HP is 5000 (120 Points)
2- Invisible Ghost, you can't see it because it's totaly invisible, you have to use Nades to detect it, the class hp is 1000 (120 Point)
3- Destiny Mode, Remember Plague ? it's same mod but instead of nemesis there is Dragon with 50% HP , and humans have x2 HP, Survivor have 150% HP , unit to win
have fun ./.
Tom's Hardware
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